Activities of the Trust

Social Welfare Activities of the Trust

  • Child Development
  • Women Development, Women Training Program,Providing family Education and Technological Training.
  • Leprosy Welfare Works and Leprosy Education Camps.
  • Training and Self Employment for Physically challenged men and Women.
  • School Building Reconstruction.
  • Soil and Drinking Water Analysis.
  • Employment for Visually Challenged Persons.
  • Employment for Persons with Multiple- Disabilities
  • Rural Sanitation , Construction of Sanitation Facilities in Villages, Low Cost Toilets.
  • Village Health Workers Training Programmes.
  • Family Welfare and immunization Programmes.
  • Soil and Water Conservation Including Harvesting of Rain and Run Off Water.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Medical Camps in Rural Areas.
  • Camps on Land development and Recovering of Waste and Land with Special concern of Ecological improvement.
  • Creation of employment Opportunities for Rural Population Below Poverty Line.
  • Camps on Non-conventional Renewable Sources of Energy systems (Solar Energy).