Vision and Mission


To make students confident to nurture challenges and overcome them in a globally competitive world, we will empower them to accommodate themselves in all aspects, be it cultural, emotional or social.


Mission complements our vision by making learning an enjoyable journey So as to promote independent thinking and encourage research through critical thinking.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to identify and motivate talent to groom child’s individuality and mould them into responsible global citizen

How are we different from other school?

Teaching methods have a major influence on how much learning takes place in the class. This is why we use methods that are efficient. We follow a system in which the lesson alternates between oral work, individual work and group work in such a way that it is practically impossible for students to "switch off" in class. Accordingly students learn more in class, which means they have more time for relaxation and fun after school.

We follow closely the progress of each student on a regular basis. The feedback is used to detect learning gaps as soon as they form and the gaps are filled before new concepts are taught. Corrective action follows on an individualized basis.

We care enough to follow up every student. If the students fall behind in their work they will be followed up, talked to, encouraged, convinced and coached until they catch up.

All books are retained in the school and sent to home for parental review during weekends.

It is the goal of the school to foster students whose love of learning and whose ability to learn independently make them life-long learners. Parents are, therefore, strongly discouraged from employing a private tutor as such an action would be counter- productive and undermine the goal of the school. If and when help is needed, parents are advised to discuss the issue with the school faculty.